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Sunday Roast

Chilled boneless New Zealand lamb leg / roast beef from Silver Ferns, farm roasted in a smoky paprika dry rub. Finished live, on a charcoal BBQ pit, for that smoky char. 

*100gm of lamb/beef per person



Setup of Live BBQ Kitchen (2 bbq pits, charcoal, fire starter)

Big Boyz well-trained Grill Masters

Table & cloth, Heating Lamp, Music, Menu, & Big Boyz BBQ Decor

Plates & Cutleries (Biodegradable)

Big Boyz Canopy (can be removed if suitable cover is provided)

Transportation for Food and BBQ

Condiments & Sauce Station

Lemon Caesar, Chili Mushroom, Rosemary Garlic Oil, Dijon Mustard, Onion Compote


Packages also Include

French baguette loaf with freshly made garlic butter.

Sugared Half Lemons, Roasted Yellow Onions, Char Roasted Whole Garlic & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.

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Recommended Add Ons

"Food will be cooked to order, no pre-cooking allowed."

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